Imposing modeling rules on industrial applications through meta-modeling

Authors: Peter Fröhlich, Zaijun Hu, Manfred Schölzke


There is a trend in the automation domain to create common conceptual models of an industrial plant, which serve different applications, like online displays, simulators, control systems, diagnostic tools and others. To master the complexity of such common models, modeling rules have to be enforced. Current solutions to this problem either rely on an informal definition of semantics or the semantics of one dedicated tool or language.

In the current paper, we introduce a meta–modeling approach to provide and enforce such modeling rules. Our approach concisely defines consistency of conceptual models with respect to a meta model. We show how the approach is mapped to widely accepted general–purpose IT standards (like UML and XML) and tools.

The conference proceedings of the ER-2001 / DASWIS-2001 are available here: LNCS 2465, ISBN 978-3-540-44122-9

ACM Reference: Fröhlich, P., Hu, Z., and Schoelzke, M. 2002. Imposing Modeling Rules on Industrial Applications through Meta-modeling. In Revised Papers From the Humacs, Daswis, Ecomo, and DAMA on ER 2001 Workshops (November 27 - 30, 2001). H. Arisawa, Y. Kambayashi, V. Kumar, H. C. Mayr, and I. Hunt, Eds. Lecture Notes In Computer Science, vol. 2465. Springer-Verlag, London, 166-182.

Cited by: Karaila, M. and Systa, T. 2007. Applying Template Meta-Programming Techniques for a Domain-Specific Visual Language-- An Industrial Experience Report. In Proceedings of the 29th international Conference on Software Engineering (May 20 - 26, 2007). International Conference on Software Engineering. IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, 571-580.

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