IFAC Symposium AAC, München

Improved Active Safety through Collision Mitigation System based on single forward looking Radar Sensor

Authors: M. Schiebahn, S. Drogies, M. Schölzke, U. Bonne, A. Heitmann, P. Heitkämper


The paper presents the development process of an active safety and driver assistance system based on forward looking radar technology. The active system provides multiple safety relevant features enhancing both the driver convenience and the active safety of the vehicle. The investigated high-level features are collision mitigation braking, forward collision alert and adaptive cruise control. Further, the architectural software design and the system safety concept and aspects related to hardware resource restrictions of the production ECUs are presented.

Keywords: Collision Mitigation Braking, Forward Collision Warning, Control Architectures, Adaptive Cruise Control, Driver Warning Systems, System Safety Requirements, Long Range Radar Sensor.

Conference homepage of the IFAC Symposium "Advances in Automotive Control" 2010, Munich, is here.

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